The Future of Valens Groworks (VGWCF)

On April 15th, 2019 I filmed a Youtube video on my knowledge of Valens Groworks. The stock traded for $2.80, and currently trades for $3.30. This stock is poised to be an industry-leader in the marijuana industry, and the beauty of it is that not a lot of people have it on their radar. I am here to bring it to you early in the game.

I encourage you to watch the entire video here:


Valens released their earnings today on July 15th, and absolutely CRUSHED it. I am so proud of the whole team over there. They are revamping their instagram platform to include more video which will drive the metrics higher. Overall, I reiterate my buy position on this company as the future and stock price will only get brighter as time progresses.

Disclosure: I do have a position in Valens Groworks that I look to hold for the long-term.

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