John Deere 2017 (BULLISH)

I am here to tell you why John Deere is at an attractive price even near its all time 52 week high of 108.47. John Deere is a company based off history being founded in 1837 and staying true too it’s core values. Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Innovation are what Deere prides themselves on not to mention their transparency with financial reports and Global Citizenship Reports. Deere is a company that billionaires down too hard-working men and woman use in their daily lives.

The main reason why I am investing in John Deere is for quality and safety in the industry. Farming is a growing and expanding industry, and if newly-elected Donald Trump follows through with his $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Deere will continue to see mass amounts of vehicles delivered to farms, and all their products will surpass expectations which I encourage checking out to learn more about.

Also, At the end of Q4, CEO Allen stated “The company in 2016 had one of its ten-best years in both sales and earnings, a noteworthy achievement in light of the difficult business climate.”

Overall, I love what management is doing with technology and the direction of the company making Deere not just a stock to own but a stock to hold long-term for future generations.

At Years End I look for price to hover around $118 a share up from its current market price of roughly $105 a share.

Hope you enjoyed and please feel free to comment thoughts or suggestions below.

Best Investing, Goldystocks

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