The New York Stock Exchange

Wow. What an experience. I'd like to thank Robert from Morgan Stanley for putting together the tour, viewing the open bell, and creating such a memorable experience. The New York Stock Exchange is someplace I have always dreamt of going, and having CNBC be part of my morning routine it makes it part of my daily life.

At about 9:00am we went through security, and took a short elevator ride to the balcony where we spoke about the history and changes that were going on within the New York Stock Exchange. We witnessed David Faber go over his daily notes, and Jim Cramer at the desk pictured above staring at charts moments before he went on air. As 9:30am approached, brokers, traders, and analyst began moving around the floor collecting pre-market data and before I knew it, the bell rang. A UBS Group of Young Entrepreneurs rang the opening bell, and we preceded down to the trading floor where I immediately got the chills.

The hustle and bustle of the floor matched with the occasional screams for orders had my eyes in constant motion. I happened to see out of the corner of my eye that Morgan Stanley beat earnings and expectations and looked like they were continuing to rebound from the Financial Crisis, so I placed a buy order on the floor for Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) at $46.57. Seemed appropriate, or even meant to be.

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